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PRODUCTS / Custom Control Panels

Full service UL 508A panel shop

Single articles to production volume

Use our in-house design services or we can build to your exact specifications

Construction Specs

UL Type 1, 3R and 4/12

Mild steel w/ powder coat, stainless steel, non-metallic enclosures

Low voltage (600V or less)

Fused or non-fused disconnect, Circuit breaker, combination motor starter or manual motor starters available
NEMA or IEC rated contactors and OL devices
Flange-mounted or pistol grip external handles
Bypass contactors
User controls: push buttons, selector switches, pilot lights, touch screen, whatever you want...
Logic controls: PLC (analog, digital, serial interface, etc.) or simple relay logic - whatever it takes!


Everything from manual push buttons on the front cover to remote cellular links

Serial protocols: Modbus, RS-232, BacNet, Metasys, Lonworks...
Wireless (remote I/O, serial, USB, Ethernet, cellular)

Solar power kits for remote locations

PV array, battery, charge controller, lightening arrestor, 3R enclosure and mounting hardware

Basic Panel Types - Examples

Pump controls - constant pressure / booster / lead-lag

Tank level monitoring

VFD retrofits on fans, pumps and air compressors

Soft start control panels

Machine postion control (encoder or open loop)

General purpose motor starter panels

Tell us what you want and we will build it!